"We create software for business revolution"

LARUS helps clients to build custom data solutions in order to optimize their decision-making process, boost profits and stay competitive.
Headquartered in Venice and with offices in Milan, Pescara and Rome, in LARUS we create your exclusive software for business and we help companies all over the world by designing big data-driven platforms, based on the most innovative open-source technologies, thanks to a solid experience gained in different areas: governance, insurance, finance, industry, commercial and telco.

Open Source Week
December 2021

Neo4j TOKYO MEETUP November 2021

AI & BIG DATA EXPO November 2021


We are data engineers and data scientists passionate about data and top quality data software. Acting as a strategic innovation partner, we help our clients build custom data solutions to optimize their decision-making process, boost profits and stay competitive. Headquartered in Venice, we have branch offices in Milan, Pescara and Rome.




Graph’s power.

We are Neo4j Certified Professionals with a long time working experience on complex systems and business critical software. As the #1 Neo4j Solution Partner, we provide customers with expert assistance in implementing Neo4j, for advanced fraud detection, network and IT operations, social networks, real-time recommendations and master data management. We are the Italian Neo4j Authorized Training Center. Our training courses are in Italian or in English.
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Not only graphs.

We are Couchbase Certified Professionals too, as each kind of data deserves its own best persistence layer.

Our team of certified professionals assist our customers on projects that require Couchbase expertise and experience. We offer consulting, systems integration and implementation services.

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Apache Kafka

Event Streaming Platform.

We help large enterprises build big data solutions using Apache Kafka. Our certified experts can support our customers designing a real-time streaming platform using Kafka.  We are a Consulting Partner and Reseller of Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka, delivers a complete execution of Kafka for the Enterprise.
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Data engineering

Quality Data to Quality Decisions.

From creating data pipelines to processing data, storing and enabling access to the processed data, we offer data engineering expertise. We  cover all the technical drivers required to fully capitalize on enterprise data resources.

We build business-critical data architecture using the data engineering tools and engines like Apache Hadoop, Hive, Spark or others.

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Explainable AI

Deep Data Insight.

We belief that graph technology is more impactful in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fields. Thanks to a graph-based approach to AI  including data source modeling, algorithm design and link analysis, we help organizations enhance the efficiency of their business operations by extracting actionable insights from connected data.

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Passion for innovation.

From day to day business runs faster and data is the core of future profit. Time to market is sort of race and LARUS has identified four mixed items that allow you to win the competition: Expert Engineers, Strategies, Right Technologies, Fuel.

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Responding to change.

Today, we work with our customers in a open and honest fashion, focusing only on solutions and not on problems. From the beginning of a software project, we create collaborative teams which comprises our customers, we explain exactly like it is and we let them make the appropriate choices about scope, money and deadlines.

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