Larus Business Automation invites you all to its 10-year anniversary event

On Wednesday, November 26th, 2014, for its 10-year anniversary, LARUS Business Automation has organized the event “LARUS Business Automation and technological innovation for large Venetian companies”, dedicated to customers, partners and companies interested in Open-Source technologies, in Agile methodologies and in their application in strategic core business projects.

The event is bound to big companies’ owners, ICT directors, technical managers and to all experts keen on technological innovation. It is supposed to be an opportunity for interacting, to exchange informations and opinions, to listen some interesting case-studies and to learn about the most recent and innovative technologies by analyzing their de-facto state in the italian and in the international market.

The event includes speeches by Gruppo PAM, a leading Italian retailer, that will present the benefits derived from using Agile methodologies in their projects; Neo Technology, the company based in California and partner of LARUS BA, who’s developing Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, that will present some international use cases related to retailers and other large organizations, and by LARUS BA, that following to the participation to the event SpringOne2GX 2014 in Dallas, will summarize the de-facto state of art of Open-Source technologies. Here you can find the speakers’ profiles.

At the end of the day there will be a convivial party, with cocktails and dinner offered to all participants, to celebrate ten years of LARUS and to strengthen relationships.

Ten years is a milestone”, says Lorenzo Speranzoni, CEO of LARUS BA, “but even more important is the route taken together with our customers and partners, that we hope will continue for a long time. This celebration day represents for us the starting point that will mark the success of the next decade, always based on our passion for innovation and on the service for our customer”.

The event will take place Wednesday, November 26th from 16.45, at the Torre Eva Center, in Mestre, St. Bruno Maderna, 7, where is located the headquarter of our company. Cocktails and dinner will be served at the restaurant of the adjacent Best Western Plus Quid Hotel Venice Airport.

The event is for free.

For organizational reasons, it is mandatory to register within the November 14th on the company’s website at the following address:…

For more information please write to the following address or call us: +39 329 722 52 30.


  • 4:45PM – Registration
  • 5:00PM – Introduction and presentation of the evening
  • 5:15PM – Summarizing the de-facto state of art of Open-Source technologies and methodologies. (Lorenzo Speranzoni, Founder e CEO LARUS BA)
  • 6:00PM – PAM Projects and the Agile methodology. (Marco Bon, CTO Gruppo PAM)
  • 6:45PM – Neo4J Technology for Retailers and Large Organizations. Use Cases. (Jim Webber, Chief Scientist Neo Technology)

and following:

  • 7:45PM – Cocktails and dinner

Speakers’ profiles:

Dr. Marco Bon − CTO, Delivery Manager and Program Manager for Gruppo PAM; Marco is managing the project “Business Agility through new Enterprise Architecture Transformation Program”: The program aims to improve operational performance while revamp the legacy architecture with minimum business disruption. The result will be a new web based enterprise architecture that will merge decision support capability whit collaborative execution engine and feedback phase. Business agility will be reached by the use of agile methodologies and state of the art of engineering practices.

Dr. Jim Webber is Chief Scientist with Neo Technology the company behind the popular open source graph database Neo4j, where he works on R&D for highly scalable graph databases and writes open source software. Jim has written two books on integration and distributed systems: “Developing Enterprise Web Services” on XML Web Services and “REST in Practice” on using the Web for building large-scale systems. His latest book is “Graph Databases” which focuses on the Neo4j database.

Dr. Lorenzo Speranzoni − Founder and CEO of LARUS Business Automation, he’s a pragmatic and passionate developer, both expert in software architectures and agile & lean methodologies. He’s a Neo4j “evangelist” and he actively contributes to the development of some Open-Source project that are part of the Spring platform.

Slides, Photos and Videos of the event:

Lorenzo Speranzoni Intro: Technological Innovation for Large Venetian Companies
Enrico De Benetti Methodology: AGILE, we mean!
Omar Rampado The Right Technology
Marco Bon PAM Project and the Agile Methodology
Jim Webber Neo4J Technology for Retailers and Large Organizations. Use Cases.

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