JDBC Driver 3.0 – Released Milestone 02

Milestone 02

neo4j-jdbc-M02Today we released the new Milestone 02 release of our Driver, we extended the test suite both for unit testing and integration testing, improving the overall coverage.

We added PreparedStatements and fully implemented the minimum required methods to have them working, we implemented the new versions of executeUpdate and executeQuery.

The driver in now currently using RC1 version of Neo4J 3.0 server and RC2 version of neo4j-java-driver. This new server version added the authentication, this led to a major change in the code and how the tests were run. We also had to change many little things here and there to fit the new version.

ResultSets now manage path, that was the last important Neo4J peculiarity that had to be taken in account. Together with paths, we added a new feature that we called flattening. This is a way to show complex data (such as nodes or relationships) in a table. A node, for example, will be distributed in many different columns, each one containing a label or a property. Consider this similar to SQL star (*).

We started testing it with tools like Pentaho, stay tuned we are planning to release many guides teaching how to use it with many different enterprise tools.

The code is, as usual, available in GitHub here: https://github.com/larusba/neo4j-jdbc



The repository was moved into neo4j-contrib, use this link instead: https://github.com/neo4j-contrib/neo4j-jdbc



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