Larus Logbook in London – GraphConnect 2016

DAY 1 – GraphHack

Monday 25th of April 2016,

H 04:30 AM – Venice is sleepy early in the morning of Saint Mark’s Day when the alarm clocks goes off. The team, that group five people: Mauro (@MauroRoiter), Marco (@mfalcier), Alberto (@ziotobiad) and Gianmarco (@glaggia), led by Lorenzo (@inserpio) – awakes.
H 05:30 – Ready to go, a last goodbye to the light of dawn before checking in.
H 06:55 – Take off.
H 08:05 GMT+00:00 AM – London welcome us with a good coffee and the graph-based day starts.
H 01:00 PM – Neo4j is not only a hard work, it is also some fun. After a brief walk on the bank of the Thames, a typical English Pub cheers us with the desired lunch.
H 05:00 – Road to the Graphack (hands-on session prior of the GraphConnect) where curiosity and desire to prove ourselves are the main sentiments.
H 07:00 – The team, exceptionally called Möwe (which means seagull in German, obviously!), creates a new web application to meet the challenge of Mark e Michael. The application uses an existing dataset and work with it in a totally unexpected and funny way. We built a reverse recommendation engine based upon a set of data about delays and flight cancellations in the States.
H 09:00 – The serious work changes and became an informal chat in front of a fresh beer.
H 12:00 – Good Night!

ASAP a photo gallery of the day! Follow us on Twitter using #GraphConnect and @AgileLARUS !

DAY 2 – GraphConnect

Tuesday 26th of April 2016,

H 07:30 AM – Get out of beds! It’s GraphConnect Day!
H 08:00 – Team LARUS , together with our friends of Veneto Banca (@VENETOBANCA) – Nicola (@NicolaCamillo) and Alberto (@albertodela80) – heads towards Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.
H 10:00 – The event starts with an Opening Keynote of Emil Eifrem, Neo4j’s founder and CEO, Neo Technology. He presented the main features of new 3.0 release, best of all the new BOLT protocol and the drivers. Other interesting features are the stored procedures and the definitive overcoming of graph dimensions (Infinite Graph!).
H 10:30 ÷ 12:30 – Following up many interesting talks. Standing out is Andy Mulholland’s talk about the ‘Internet of Things‘, that shows how a graph database is the best solution to handle data exchange in sensor network in the most efficient way (more info at
H 12:30 ÷ 02:00 PM – Lunch break! This is just what we need before becoming main characters of this GraphConnect edition.
H 02:40 – Lorenzo, our CEO, takes the stage and announce our projects: the new JDBC Driver (implemented with the new BOLT protocol) and the Neo4j-Couchbase connector! All seats are taken! This is an amazing news and this is the proof that many people are interested in our hard work.
H 04:30 – Our friends of Veneto Banca comes on stage presenting their use case, which is conceived
with the help and support of LARUS: the advantages of using a graph database for the service IT governance.
H 05:30 – One of the most wanted talk is starting, starring Mar Cabra, talking about the scandal of offshore accounts called ‘Panama Papers’. All the media are talking about it since its revelation (more infos here: Analyzing Panama Papers Neo4jNeo4j powers Panama Papers investigationPanama Papers). What you probably don’t know is that this investigation, lasted for one year, makes us proud as it is based on neo4j. The reconstruction of connections between offshore accounts and their relative owners would not have been possible without the use of a database that has it’s strength in relations, due to the massive amount of documentation found (will be open-data starting from 9th of May).
H 06:00 – Last talk is done by Jim Webber. He, with his unmistakable irony, is able to catch the eye of the audience, with a mix of extremely interesting topics and laughs. Main point of Jim’s talk is the presentation of the new Neo4j ‘Core Edge’ architecture that allows a better scalability.
H 07:00 ÷ n.d. –  After a day of meeting and discussion on different topics, the group of friends of the community gather together for hugs and laughs, freshen by a good beer that is a must in London.

DAY 3 – Partner Meeting and photos

Wednesday 27th April 2016,

H 08:30 AM – LARUS team wake up, pack the baggage and get prepared with a big breakfast.
H 10:30 – LARUS meet Neo4j for the usual Partner Meeting. After a brief exposition about the evolution roadmap of the product that was the time when LARUS received acknowledgment for the good results obtained in Italy.
H 12:00 – Together with our friends of Veneto Banca we take some relax with a brief tour for London to take some photos.
H 06:30 PM – Take off.
H 09:00 GMT+01:00 – Landing in Venice. The adventure is over, we bring home a fantastic experience crowned by many positive feedbacks received these days. We are proud of our hard work and we are looking forward to continue this kind of route.

P.S. A very big thank you goes to LARUS and in particular to Lorenzo, coming from all his team members (Mauro, Marco, Alberto e Gianmarco). Thanks to giving us the opportunity of being at this fantastic event, with the hope that our job could bring to the company the deserved profit and open new opportunities in the future.

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