Finally, the Release Candidate of Neo4j JDBC Driver

Release Candidate 1

Logo Release Candidate 1We have some breaking news for this release candidate, first of all we proudly announce that the project was migrated to the official neo4j’s contributors repository. This is a big gratification for our team and it’s the proof of the hard work that was done in this months.

The new repository will be available at:

A Release Candidate is an important piece of the life of a product. It’s the moment when the software if first put to the test, and it’s the moment when you users can try it. This lead to many feedback and it’s exactly what we are looking forward now. Feel free to download and try the driver, if you find a problem open a new issue in GitHub and our team will try to solve your problem.

This release has many changes in the code, we renamed and refactored the code to fulfill the request of neo4j-contrib repository.

A major feature that was added is the HTTP module, that can be used both with Neo4J server 3.0 and Neo4J server 2.X, the structure of the driver is modular so you can download either one (BOLT) or the other (HTTP) in a lightweight jar library, instead of downloading the whole lot.


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