Larus changes its brand image and logo

A little bit of History

logo-larusThe old seagull logo has gone places, but it has been almost 12 years since its creation and for the old brand it’s time of retirement.

This is the reason why we decided to look around, searching for an innovative solution on the same wavelenght with our company’s vision of continue improvement.

A new logo coming out of a contest

First we followed the standard iter for a company and we asked some graphincs designer and professionals in graphics arts and brand creation. Their offers and curricula were outstanding, though this was in contrast with our ideas.
We decided to change the project and transform it from a simple ‘everyday job’ for a professional company to something that could be of help to some young artist that will start to work in this field in few years.



Each student was par of one of 19 groups and worked in that team for a period between November and April. Every group designed a new logo and a new brand image. Each work was voted by the LARUS team.

The result of the votation saw three teams outstanding the others and, to reward the diligence and commitment, those three teams received a special gift (that will allow them to buy tech objects or books on Amazon) .

A contest is delusional for many and extremely satisfactory for a single team, for this reason only the work of Matilde Biondo, Marco Fontana and Elia Scatto was ‘approved’.

This is the presentation the produced (ITA):  imgres

The following is their very own idea (we left it in italian not to change the precise meaning):

È sempre interessante avere un’occasione di affrontare un’esperienza verosimile a ciò che potrebbe aspettarci un giorno nel mondo del lavoro, come andare incontro a committenti reali con una reale necessità, ed è particolarmente bello essere coinvolti in progetti simili, e riconosciuti in grado di affrontare un esperienza del genere sia da parte dei docenti che dei clienti.
geometria-logoDue classi divise in gruppi si sono cimentate nella creazione di una nuova veste grafica per la società, dal logo, ai gadget, dal biglietto da visita al sito web, cercando l’unione tra nuovo e creativo. Questo progetto non è stato banale, e dal punto di vista formativo ha davvero aiutato ogni studente ad approcciarsi con le proprie capacità e famigliarizzare con una situazione vicina alla realtà lavorativa: il lavoro di squadra, il confronto e l’esposizione del proprio lavoro a un cliente, lavoro che si basa sul l’impiego di tempo e dedizione. Non è facile cambiare l’immagine di un’azienda facendo in modo che quest’ultima si vedesse rinnovata e al contempo si sentisse a proprio agio con il suo nuovo aspetto, ma nonostante la sfida abbiamo messo in pratica le nostre conoscenze e al tempo stesso imparato a ogni passo compiuto.

The new logo

Students’ work was subject to critiques and change requests both from LARUS and professors who contributed in the next phase in improve and perfect the logo. The end result is the one we adopted and here is a preview:

Il logo parte dell'immagine aziendale


The logo represents a flying seagull. The change to a circle gives the composition a modern look and the light gradient of blu gives it a professional feel. A big change is also the absence of the old “Business Automation” that usually followed the name LARUS and it will remain only in official documents. The lettering is designed to be extremely readable and to give importance to the company name. The font is designed also to be positioned right to the circle for a inline version.

To prove the excellent job done on this design by the students that created it, it’s possible to use the logo also in a negative version (inverted colors so that dark areas becomes white and white areas becomes coloured), this is the design of our business cards

Fronte del biglietto da visita
Retro che presenta i dati personali e aziendali

The card was designed to give importance to the front logo and, in the back, there are all the institutional informations in a dynamic and innovative way. The gradient area contains the owner’s personal informations while the white part contains the company’s contacts. Font and technical specifications required a big part of analysis, both by students and professor Tiengo he who followed the improvements. One of the main topics was about characters spacing that has to be precise and extremely readable.

Each business card is printed on a 300 grams per square meter paper, it’s semi opaque to be different from all the others and peculiar. The card has a rounded cut (not shown in the images) to give dynamism to the composition.

At the moment we are upgrading also the site, each social media and all the paper-based material.

Thanks to

Our thanks goes to professor Tiengo, his students, the Istituto Salesiano San Marco, the headmaster and all the teachers that contributed to this project. This project wants to be the start of a longterm collaboration.


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