Neo4j JDBC Driver – Officially Released 3.0

JDBC Driver – Official Release

logo versione 3.0It’s been a month of hard working, testing and studies on the driver and we are happy to officially release 3.0 version of Neo4j JDBC Driver.

It’s pointless to tell that is a great satisfaction to have reached this point, for all the team (lead by Lorenzo) that touches a big part of the company.
At first it has been extremely difficult, requiring almost every spare time we had.
This was always done with self-confidence in being able to create something useful, precise and clean.

We want to thank the people that helped us during this development period, Ralf Becher, Florent Biville and our friends and colleagues of Neo Technology, Stefan Armbruster, Benoit Simard and Michael Hunger. This is a bit of Michael that we want to quote:


The project is open source and is available on GitHub between other neo4j contributors’ repos at:

The latest release is available for download at: LINK

If you find any error or wrong behavior you can open an issue on GitHub following this LINK

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