Neo4j JDBC Driver – Release 3.0.1

The team is to announce the new version of our JDBC Driver for Neo4j.
This minor release is going to fix few problems with external tools using the `isValid()` method and fix some user opened issues.

This is the complete changelog, the 3.0.1 release includes:

  • neo4j-java-driver 1.0.5 update
  • BoltConnection.isValid(int) implementation
  • Connection.setTransactionIsolation(int) default implementation
  • DatabaseMetadata.getDefaultTransactionIsolation returns Connection.TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED
  • Connection.prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys) default implementation
  • ResultSet.getFetchSize() default implementation
  • ResultSet.setFetchSize(int) default implementation

and fixes the following issues:

The release is available on GitHub at this link:

If you find any problem please open an issue and we will answer as soon as possible.

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