doc2graph: our brand new document to graph database connector (preview)

LARUS is pleased to introduce you the evolution of its own couchbase-neo4j connector concept, presented at the GraphConnect Europe conference in London, last May 2016 . doc2graph goal is to provide graph-analytics on data stored as JSON documents in a Document DB, like Couchabase.

doc2graph is simple, but it already connects Couchbase 4.5 to Neo4j 3.x using the new Database Change Protocol (DCP) and neo4j’s procedures. Generically speaking, doc2graph is designed with the intent of importing JSON documents from any kind of sources into neo4j . It can be configured to build the graph over your own domain model to get the best graph data model for your analysis.


The connector has a component called couchbase-neo4j-connector that sends to Neo4j all the document mutations just happened in Couchbase in real time, avoiding any manual export, while another component called neo4j-json – a neo4j procedure – transforms the document into a graph (every document is a tree structure indeed) reusing duplicated nodes/document. The final result is a graph containing subdocument dependencies that allows graph analysis: we reuse every sub-graph resulting from a previous (sub)document import, reconstructing that way those relationships that are naturally missing in every document database (due to its natural data model and architectural design).

Happy Christmas!

R&D Team

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