Graph Connect 2017 – London

LARUS at Graph Connect in London

LARUS traveled to London on 11th May to attend the Graph Connect, the main neo4j event of the year in Europe. We listened the neo4j news, did a speech and met interresting people. A big thanks to our friend Michael Hunger and all the neo4j crew for the great event organizzation.

The LARUS crew

Lorenzo, Omar, Alberto, Angelo and Daniele woken up early in the mornig at 10th May to be in London to work with Michael and do some stuff with the others neo4j partners. Fabio joined us in the afternoon at Skill Matter, a very nice place to talk and do networking. Angelo, Daniele and Fabio played to the hackthon, working on a graph journalism challenge while the others met the neo4j partners.

The speeches

The opening keynote introduced some new features of neo4j 3.2 and Emil Eifrem gave us his beautiful vision of the graph mission, from Mars travels to a cancer cure. After that, the thick agenda started and we splitted the crew to attend to all the speeches. We saw how Telia is building a big IoT project, the Telia Zone, using routers, RESTful services and kubernetes to scale out neo4j; the system can predict the users needs and movements across the zones using graphs. Others speech showed how to use Mesosphere to easly do the same scaling. We also checked the state of the OpenCypher project: it’s growing up very fast and it’s becoming a language for Spark. The event got a large set of examples and ideas of the big impact of graph tecnology in modern systems.

Omar did a speech, talking about the integration project doc2graph. The audience was very interrested and the others speakers talked each other, creating a great environment.

Omar at GraphConnect 2017

The people

The main purpose of the event was to create a “real” graph through the attenders. There were hundreds of people who enjoy with neo4j and works in the graph world; telling with them and exchanging opinions was an extraordinary occasion to open our mind and make new friends.

The new Neo4j 3.2

Neo4j 3.2 comes with some interesting features reguarding security and global scale clustering. The performances are improved and the indexes are completly rewrited, allowing multiple fields and getting better efficiency. The browser is more cypher aware and the rendering is improved. For all the news you can read the release notes.


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