Pentaho Event 2017 (Milan)

Pentaho Event 2017 (Milan)

The Pentaho Event 2017, organized by BNova, was an opportunity to meet developers, managers and business men interrested to data integration. The speakers talk about the new Pentaho release 7.0, the roadmap and the real application of this technology. Omar and Alberto went there to introduce the JDBC driver for neo4j and a brand new insurance fraud detection use case.

Pentaho Data Integration

PDI helps to manage the data flows in your company, using graphic tools and connecting to a lot of datasources. Neo4j can be a source or a destination of flow using the JDBC driver, recently released with neo4j 3.1 compatibility. LARUS, as creator and mantainer of the JDBC implementation for neo4j, show how to use it for importing data into a graph and quering them for report building.

Fraud Detection

Alberto and Omar talked about the fraud detection use case using neo4j. The case is built around the car insurance data and shows how a graph database is a good solution to find frauds or suspected situations in real time. The main purpose is to let understand how many rules can be merged together in only one cypher query.

The use case will soon be available on our site. Stay tuned!

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