Neo4j APOC : Happy 55th Larus features

Neo4j APOC Happy 55th Larus features

Larus celebrates a great success with the APOC Summer Release

July 2017 represents a great milestone for the Larus Team, who’s reached the number of 55 among new features and issues closed on the Neo4j APOC (Awesome Procedures On Cypher) Procedures project.

Larus is the Neo4j APOC official maintainer and starting from the first commit on the end of March we reached the exciting number of 55 issues closed on this last release.

The first issue we closed was a simple function that returns the minimum and maximum value of the various numeric type, just a simple feature to welcome the Team into the project. From then on, the features complexity has gradually increased: a constant challenge between bugs and new features – sometimes of very high complexity, but this was just an incentive to improve ourselves day after day.

What characterizes the APOC Procedures is their heterogeneity, since each procedure is separate and deals with a specific topic. In fact, in these months the Team has worked on features like export in different formats, merge vs create, triggers, indexes, xpath, redirect, periodic, atomic and much more. Also we constantly updated and improved the documentation to help the users adopting them as easily as possible.

We thanks a lot Michael Hunger. He’s the key of this successful work: he supported us a lot with periodic calls and with many comments, tips and suggestions on every pull request!

Hard work, passion and common targets are what the whole Larus Team share, and this has lead us to this great achievement.

You can read the changelog and download the package of Neo4j APOC here.

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