JQAssistant NMap Plugin 1.3.0

First release for JQAssistant NMap Plugin

We’re glad to announce the first release of the NMap plugin for JQAssistant, the QA tool based on Neo4j. The JQAssistant NMap 1.3.0 is on GitHub and is compatible with the JQAssistant 1.3.0.


The JQAssistant goal is to check the software quality using network analysis. The tool is composed of a core framework and a lot of plugins. The framework defines 3 steps to achieve the software analysis:

  1. Scan
  2. Analyse
  3. Report

You can import in the Neo4j database the structure of your Java code, dependencies, XML, etc… using the specific plugin. Then you can use (or define from scratch) some rules using the Cypher language: is this way you can apply very complex network/graph rules over your code and check if it’s ok. After that, you can get a report to understand the state of your project.

JQAssistant NMap 1.3.0

The released a first, simple and tiny plugin for importing the NMap XML output. The JQAssistant NMap 1.3.0 is compatible with the last and stable release of the JQAssistant framework core.

Thanks a lot to Dirk Mahler for contributing and helping us to create the JQAssistant NMap 1.3.0 plugin. We’re still collaborating to improve the plugin and make it official.

The Network

The JQAssistant NMap plugin scans the XML output file of a NMap execution. The result is set of nodes and relationships that describe the network as a graph.  You can find more detail on GitHub. The image below shows the result of a simple cypher query where you can understand which services are running on a host.


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