LARUS speech about Digital Humanities with Graph in Mainz

LARUS has been invited to contribute to the “Modelling of Doubt” conference last January 19th and 20th at the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz (Germany) with a speech about the collaborative networks in the digital humanities context, using a graph database. Omar Rampado and Fabio Lamanna presented a work called “Unveiling Academic Collaboration Patterns Through Graph Databases“. Universities and research institutes require more and more innovative technologies and knowledge to retrieve fast answers from huge databases, both for research and for administrative purposes. LARUS showed the use of Neo4j in order to efficient manage, organize, sharing and storage data in an academic network, to provide a framework able to find interesting collaboration patterns among people.

With the use of graph databases, researchers may move beyond single-based ranking metrics, such as page-rank and h-index, to a next-generation, graph powered and fully transparent search engine for academies.

The main case-study dataset comes from a working collaboration between LARUS and the DT University in Denmark.

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