LARUS announces a graph partnership with Kenetek

We are proud to announce that we will join our efforts in spreading the graph database power with a strong partnership with Kenetek!

They are ready to launch their products on the market and they have chosen LARUS, as the Neo4j first partner, as the perfect companion to reach their goals.

Kenetek analyzes the source code of applications in a static form and create a representation of the application in XML. The need to go beyond the analysis of a single component, looking for connections in a business process, unlocked the incredible potential of Neo4j, letting their analysis go faster, in an incredible easy way!

Lorenzo Speranzoni, CEO of LARUS: “We are very happy to support Kenetek: we face the fact that their products cover very common use cases in banking and insurance. Thanks to our knowledge in graphs, we can help them in visualizing and documenting information in the cleanest, fastest and most innovative way.”

Powering Kenetek products with Neo4j, thanks to LARUS!

Read the official announce on the Neo4j Blog!

KeneteK & LARUS Announce a New Graph Partnership

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