LARUS partner 2021 of Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory – School of Management, PoliMi

With the beginning of the new year LARUS Business Automation got the chance to start a fresh collaboration. As a matter of fact LARUS will contribute on the research 2021 of “Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory” of the School of Management – Polytechnic University of Milan.

The letter is part of the Digital innovation Observatories spreading knowledge on Digital Innovation through Conferences, Media and Publications creating over 5000 press releases and 240 public events every year.

The Observatory, infact, aims to prove the strategic value of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics methodologies to companies, Public Administration and citizens, highlighting the potential advantages related to competitivity, profitability, timeliness and increase of effectiveness in decision-making processes.

Throughout the year there will be a series of closed-door meetings and workshop having the following goals:

  • Quantify the market of analytics in Italy 
  • Monitor level of adoption in large companies and SMEs of Data & Analytics field
  • Identify current trends in the field of Data & Analytics at an international level 
  • Investigate the applications of Analytics in different sectors and processes, understanding the impacts of business
  • Identify and understand the impacts of technological developments in Data & Analytics field
  • Estimate the spreading of skills and organizational models in the fields of Data Science and Data Governance
  • Understand the role of the startups in the field of Analytics at an international level

    Every year the research of the Polytechnic becomes the reference point of the largest Italian companies: that are both involved in the empiric research and take advantage of the obtained results to guide the planning of their business strategies and to identify the best insights to follow

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