Banca Sella: GALILEO XAI selected for the Sella Data Challenge

Among the eight projects selected for the Sella Data Data Challenge, also GALILEO XAI

Banca Sella Challenge

Banca Sella, in collaboration with Fintech District and Fabrick (an excellence community for business innovation in financial services, the other number one company operating in Italy with the objective to increase the utilisation of open finance), has launched a competition with the goal to identify new solutions to the customers product-offer, in response to the application of data analysis.

Following a first screening, which brought the number of candidates from 54 to 16, 8 realities have been selected: between them you can find our team of Data Scientists with GALILEO XAI, that will have two months and a half to present its idea. The #Challenge will reward the first place with 15 thousands euros with the objective to develop and test with Banca Sella the identified solution.

It’s with these words that Alberto De LazzariLARUS Chief Scientist, commented the positive news regarding its work team.

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