LARUS & Fujitsu Labs together again: Nodes 2021 coming!

After NODES 2020, where we talked about Artificial Intelligence, Spring and Apache Spark, also this year, on June 17th, we are more than ready to be guest at the NODES 2021, one of the greatest global Neo4j events. An all day virtual conference for graph lovers, either if they are beginners or experts in this technology. 

The speakers will showcase their new projects and solutions using Neo4j in live session talks and you can also do some practice with amazing workshops!

LARUS will participate in the event with its beloved partner Fujitsu Labs of America: another major step for this strong collaboration! 
Alberto De Lazzari, Chief Scientist at LARUS and Surya Josyula, Marketing Director at Fujitsu Labs of America, will explain to you how to harness Graph-AI to combat Fraud in Fintech and Insurtech sectors with their joint solution Galileo XAI

Fraud, especially its dynamic nature, is a major area of concern requiring significant time and resources to isolate from an enormous volume of transaction data. Their innovative new composite AI based solution, that combines graph-rule-based with  graph-supervised-learning coupled with explainability, addresses this problem.

The talk is based on a real world Graph AI (GAI) project undertaken by LARUS, Inc. and Fujitsu Research. The project evaluated the incorporation of GAI technology from Fujitsu (Deep Tensor) into an existing rule-based insurance fraud detection application developed by LARUS.

Since the application was in production, they were able to obtain a sample of 8,700 accident cases that triggered the alert rules and were manually reviewed by insurance experts. They used this sample as labeled data to train supervised machine learning models. They found out that the algorithm used to partition the source graph into labeled subgraphs (“communities”) had the largest impact on the final results. This graph supervised learning is able to adapt better to fraudsters changing behaviour compared to fixed rules.

Not sure of attending the event yet? Watch the trailer here below!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn more about Galileo XAI and eXplainable AI, register here!

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