Who we Are

Headquartered in Venice, we help companies around the world designing large-scale data-driven systems based on the latest NoSQL technologies. As the #1 Solution Partner of Neo4j Inc. in Italy, we help universities, institutions and companies succeeding with Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database.

What we do

Our Expertise


Graph’s power.

We are Neo4j Certified Professionals with a long time working experience on complex systems and business critical software.
We are the Italian Neo4j Authorized Training Center.

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Not only graphs.

We are Couchbase Certified Professionals too, as each kind of data deserves its own best persistence layer.

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Analysis and algorithms.

Data is our secret value. From the back of our ideas to the right solutions for clients.

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Passion for innovation.

From day to day business runs faster and data is the core of future profit. Time to market is sort of race and LARUS has identified four mixed items that allow you to win the competition: Expert Engineers, Strategies, Right Technologies, Fuel.

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Responding to change.

Today, we work with our customers in a open and honest fashion, focusing only on solutions and not on problems. From the beginning of a software project, we create collaborative teams which comprises our customers, we explain exactly like it is and we let them make the appropriate choices about scope, money and deadlines.

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  • Via Bruno Maderna, 7 – 30174 Mestre (Venezia) – ITALIA c/o Torre Eva Center – Interno 51
  • +39 041 50 60 149
  • info@larus-ba.it
  • VAT: 03540680273