Larus changes its brand image and logo

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A little bit of History The old seagull logo has gone places, but it has been almost 12 years since its creation and for the old brand it’s time of retirement. This is the reason why we decided to look around, searching for an innovative solution on the same wavelenght with our company’s vision of […]

JDBC Driver 3.0 – Milestone 03

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Milestone 03 Today we released what we consider as the last Milestone of the driver, as Lorenzo talked during his speech in London at the GraphConnect, we were running some performance tests, proving that the new version of the driver is far more performing than the 2.X version. This milestone is featuring many different bug […]

Larus Logbook in London – GraphConnect 2016

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DAY 1 – GraphHack Monday 25th of April 2016, H 04:30 AM – Venice is sleepy early in the morning of Saint Mark’s Day when the alarm clocks goes off. The team, that group five people: Mauro (@MauroRoiter), Marco (@mfalcier), Alberto (@ziotobiad) and Gianmarco (@glaggia), led by Lorenzo (@inserpio) – awakes. H 05:30 – Ready to go, […]

JDBC Driver 3.0 – Released Milestone 02

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Milestone 02 Today we released the new Milestone 02 release of our Driver, we extended the test suite both for unit testing and integration testing, improving the overall coverage. We added PreparedStatements and fully implemented the minimum required methods to have them working, we implemented the new versions of executeUpdate and executeQuery. The driver in […]

JDBC Driver 3.0 – Releasing Milestone 01

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Milestone 01 We are proud to announce that, after many exhausting days of hard work, we are ready to present the very first release of the JDBC Driver we are developing, Milestone 01. This pre-release is featuring the minimum viable snippet and a minimum interfaces implementations to have it working. We decided to use a […]

LARUS is developing a brand new Neo4j-Couchbase connector

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A new API implementing bidirectional integration between these two NoSQL technologies LARUS has always been an innovator company and one of its purposes is to deliver to the customers software solutions that can integrate different technologies to enable business pursuing its own targets. This idea brought the company to establish a long-term partnership with Neo […]

Neo4j JDBC Driver 3.x: Bolt it with LARUS!

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LARUS Business Automation recently entered into RIOS, the Open Source Italian Network: yet another clear message about how much the company believes in the open source philosophy, not just by using it, but also contributing to it as developers of solutions that can be used worldwide, for free. LARUS is at the forefront in the development of integration […]

LARUS BA certifies its pluriannual expertise on Neo4j

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LARUS BA receives certificates as “Neo4j Certified Professional” from Neo Technology Mestre, september 22 2015. After a 3 years old partnership, sinergy between LARUS BA and Neo Technology is still growing. As the 1st italian solution partner, LARUS BA aims to mantain its high quality services’ standard, offering: training specialists, consulting and developing software application […]