Modeling epidemic processes in complex networks

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Human diseases spread over networks of contacts between individuals. Whether they are tracking the future spread of an epidemic, or determining where best to distribute a vaccine during an outbreak, today’s disease researchers depend on reliable computer models. One of the ultimate goals is to understand how the topological structures of networks affect the dynamics […]

Why use graph-databases for storing and analysing building models In AEC industry?

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years that has been adopted by the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Currently BIM model has been explored mainly for information construction and utilization, but rare works pay efforts to convert BIM into an effective information model able to significantly […]

Why graph technology is a game changer for the financial services sector

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Graph technology is formed around the idea of building databases using mathematical graph theory to store data and the links between data as relationships. While the underlying math is quite complex, the most important thing is that graph databases emphasize the connections between data as much as the individual data points by explicitly storing those […]

Stop Fraud with Graph Technology

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To reduce or better prevent the economical and reputational repercussions of fraud, many organizations make their traditional fraud prevention measures focus on discrete data points such as specific accounts, individuals or individual devices. Increasingly sophisticated fraudsters have developed a variety of ways to escape detection by forming fraud rings comprised of stolen and synthetic identities.  […]

Insurance Fraud Detection with Neo4j

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How Graphs can help insurance industry to combat Fraud Detection Introduction Insurance fraud came into being concomitantly with the spread of insurance policies themselves. From then on, every type of insurance coverage has always been accompanied by attempts, of varying degrees of success, to defraud insurers. In times of recession and economic crisis, insurance fraud […]