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a culture of lifelong learning


A learning organization embraced a culture of lifelong learning, enabling all employees to acquire and share knowledge continuously. 


TRAINING is the development and delivery on information people will use in their job and DEVELOPMENT refers to learning interventions that make people better.


Larus Academy is an internal community that aims to spread the knowledge (both hard and soft skills) across the company. These are our principal points:

  • Internal community
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Helping each other
  • Continuous Learning

We want to see it as an internal community in which we are ready to help each other. There will be constant occasions to learn. Everyone is invited to share their knowledges. No knowledge is “useful”. Our official motto is “continuous learning“. 

flat organization


We believe into a flat organization where any knowledge is important  and to achieve this we want to provide a training calendar for our employees, along with extra courses on new technologies to everyone who is interested. 

Other than the internal academy we also offer external training, bootcamp and courses on different topics and fields.

If in our catalog you can’t find what works for you, we remind you that LARUS is part of the Italian Open Source Network (RIOS) and here you can have access to more courses on different technologies with the RIOS Academy.

Moreover, in LARUS Blog you can find the article “Make the most of tax credit training 4.0” in order to understand all the advantages and benefits about the extension of the tax credit benefits on training until 2022.