event – Machine learning Milan Meetup​

Machine learning Milan Meetup​

Larus continues to grow and to be partner with Fujitsu Laboratories of America to Provide Enhanced Graph AI Technologies to Neo4j Customers.

Fujitsu Partnership is part of our path to new growth. We expand and enhance our offer for our customers, thanks to a graph-based approach to artificial intelligence and by empowering AI technology with related context.

Fujitsu Laboratories, the R&D arm of Fujitsu Ltd., developed a new graph AI technology that uses a novel tensor decomposition method called “Deep Tensor”. Deep Tensor leverages new tensor processing techniques and a deep neural network to automatically extract relevant features of graph data.

Don’t miss the chance to learn more about Deep Tensor.
On April 9th, join us for #18 MLMilan: Graph ML and Diagnostics via Deep Learning.
Our friends from Fujitsu will held a talk on “Applying Graph Machine Learning to Enterprise Business Problems” during the event organized by Machine Learning Milan Meetup.
We are waiting for you! Find out more about this meetup at