Fujitsu AI Scoring Platform Powers New Galileo XAI Solution from LARUS for Financial Services Industry

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August 4th, 2021LARUS Business Automation S.r.l.Fujitsu Limited Tokyo, August 4th, 2021 – Italian solutions vendor LARUS Business Automation S.r.l. and Fujitsu Limited plan to leverage components of Fujitsu’s Finplex AI Scoring Platform Service EnsemBiz for LARUS’ new Graph XAI (Note 1) service, Galileo XAI, an offering for the financial services industry. Fujitsu’s Finplex EnsemBiz offers […]

NODES 2021, a wonderful experience for Galileo XAI!

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Last week, LARUS Team together with its Partner Fujitsu Labs of America joined Nodes 2021, the Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit. An occasion to be part of one of the greatest global Neo4j events during the year.

We had the opportunity to be speakers in the “Best Practice” track, in order to explain how to harness Graph-AI to combat Fraud in Fintech and Insurtech sectors with our joint solution Galileo XAI, launched for the first time right at Nodes 2020 in last November.

Workshop LARUS per il lancio della RIOS Academy

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RIOS, la rete italiana Open Source, inaugura la propria Academy dedicata ai corsi di formazione sulle principali tecnologie Open Source.

Le aziende di RIOS hanno scelto e testato sul campo le soluzioni che portano all’interno della rete e hanno costruito percorsi di certificazione concreti che nascono dalle esigenze specifiche dei clienti.
La RIOS Academy offre un’ampia di gamma di corsi dedicati alle tecnologie più importanti nel mondo Open quali Neo4j, Liferay, Java, ElastichSearch, Plone, Zimbra, Cloud Automation.

LARUS sarà presente a questo lancio con un workshop gratuito su Neo4j tenuto dal nostro Data Engineer Alex Garofalo.

LARUS all’#OSTime dedicato all’intelligenza artificiale: il nuovo format di RIOS

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A seguito del grande successo avvenuto con l’Open Source Week di Dicembre 2020, per il 2021 la Rete Italiana Open Source (RIOS) ha lanciato un nuovo format bimestrale – virtuale che accompagnerà il pubblico per tutto l’anno al fine di renderlo aggiornato sulle tematiche dell’universo open e delle relative tecnologie, l’Open Source Time.

Dopo la prima puntata di marzo dedicata al Gitlab, la prossima, focalizzata sull’Intelligenza Artificiale, sarà il 25 Maggio con una ricca tavola Rotonda con vari esperti della Rete.

LARUS flies to Tokyo for the Neo4j Meetup!

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Not for the cherry blossoms, but to speak at the Neo4j Tokyo Meetup, LARUS, with its partner Fujitsu Labs of America, flies to Japan!

Save the date: On Thursday, 22nd of April Alberto De Lazzari, Chief Scientist at LARUS together with Kanji Uchino, Senior Manager at Fujitsu Labs of America will give you an overview of Galileo XAI and its harnessing to Combat Fraud in Fintech and Insurtech Sectors.

Banca Sella: GALILEO XAI selected for the Sella Data Challenge

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Banca Sella, in collaboration with Fintech District and Fabrick (an excellence community for business innovation in financial services, the other number one company operating in Italy with the objective to increase the utilisation of open finance), has launched a competition with the goal to identify new solutions to the customers product-offer, in response to the application of data analysis.

LARUS in La Repubblica-Rome on 14th March

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Last Sunday in La Repubblica – Roma and Milan were released a piece completely dedicated to LARUS.

During the interview with our CEO, Lorenzo Speranzoni, and some of our team members such as Alberto De Lazzari, Andrea Santurbano and Simone Ceccarelli, we shared the story of our reality, of Galileo XAI, and of how network analysis, open source, data visualization and explainable AI are now our 4 pillars.Clearly #Team, #LARUSLabs, #LarusAcademy and Partnerships were other significant topics.

LARUS Announces Successful Implementation of Explainable Graph AI Technology for Detection of Insurance Fraud

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Proof-of-Concept at large insurance company in Italy results in significant performance improvement over earlier methods March 8, 2021LARUS Business Automation Srl Venice Italy, March 8, 2021: LARUS Business Automation today announced results of the application of the LARUS Galileo Graph Explainable Artificial Intelligence (GXAI) platform powered by Fujitsu Deep Tensor® Technology at a large insurance company […]

LARUS partner 2021 of Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory – School of Management, PoliMi

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With the beginning of the new year LARUS Business Automation got the chance to start a fresh collaboration and contribute on the research 2021 of “Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory” of the Polytechnic University of Milan, one of the Digital innovation Observatories spreading knowledge on Digital Innovation through Conferences, Media and Publications creating over 5000 press releases and 240 public events every year.