Fujitsu and LARUS Leverage Power of Graph Database and Graph Explainable AI Technologies to Strengthen Detection of Credit Card Fraud

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November 24, 2020Fujitsu Laboratories LtdLARUS Business Automation Srl Kawasaki, Japan and Venice, Italy, November 24, 2020 – Fujitsu Laboratories and LARUS Business Automation (LARUS) (Note 1) have jointly verified that credit card payment fraud can be detected with high accuracy by integrating Deep Tensor (Note 2), an explainable graph AI technology (Note 3) developed by […]

Insurance Fraud Detection with Neo4j

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How Graphs can help insurance industry to combat Fraud Detection Introduction Insurance fraud came into being concomitantly with the spread of insurance policies themselves. From then on, every type of insurance coverage has always been accompanied by attempts, of varying degrees of success, to defraud insurers. In times of recession and economic crisis, insurance fraud […]