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We help enterprises design their data architectures in order to be enabled to acquire, organize, integrate and analyze the data across many different sources for right-time processing and machine learning.

We do this by proposing them a better utilization of both existing and new technologies.

We partner with well-known world leaders of technology development. We have invested particularly heavily with our chosen focus vendors. This aid us to keep one step ahead with technology trends in a rapidly changing industry and to deliver the best technology on the market.
This diversity in sourcing technology allows us to have an independent approach and gives us the flexibility to tailor a solution for the specific needs of your business.

We work with

Neo4j is a graph database management system developed by Neo4j.
We work with Neo4j team on a daily basis. We are the author of the graph and Neo4j integration in Apache Zeppelin.
As a world-wide top “Premier Solution Partner” of Neo4j, we have contributed major parts to important Neo4j Labs projects, such as:
The APOC library, The Neo4j-ETL Tool, The Neo4j Kafka integration.

The biggest reason for using the Neo4j graph database “is to drive innovation”, to help organizations better leverage graph analytics to effectively innovate and develop intelligent solutions faster.

LARUS partnership with Fujitsu Laboratories of America born in 2019 and it’s important to Provide Enhanced Graph Analytics to Neo4j Customers.

Thanks to a graph-based approach to artificial intelligence and by empowering AI technology with related context, LARUS helps organizations enhance the efficiency of their business operations by extracting actionable insights from connected data.

With Fujitsu in 2020 we presented GALILEO XAI, our new product. 

Couchbase Server is a NoSQL document database for interactive web applications. It has a flexible data model, is easily scalable, provides consistent high performance and is capable of serving application data with 100% uptime. Couchbase is a leading NoSQL vendor undergoing rapid adoption as organisations strive to meet the needs of highly scalable and “always on” critical environments.

As a Couchbase partner we develop NoSQL-based solutions allowing our customers to optimize their digital business transformation.

Linkurious is a graph visualisation and analysis platform. Fraud, intelligence or cyber security analysts use it to detect and investigate threats in large and complex datasets.
Linkurious Enterprise is compatible with Neo4j.

Confluent is a data streaming platform based on Apache Kafka: a full-scale streaming platform, capable of not only publish-and-subscribe, but also the storage and processing of data within the stream. Last year, LARUS joined the Confluent Partner Program as a Consulting Partner of Confluent.
We have worked with Apache Kafka over the last years. We have supported companies to architect and optimize their Kafka solutions through tailored consulting services, by assessing them for reliability, scalability, performance and by sharing best practices. We use Kafka is combination with Spark, Hadoop and NoSQL databases like as Couchbase and Neo4j.

Elasticsearch is a distributed, open source search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured.
Elasticsearch is the central component of the Elastic Stack, a set of open source tools for data ingestion, enrichment, storage, analysis, and visualization. ​.